Don't just live, be a god!

CAC Mafia Hero Image CAC Mafia Life is a free massive, multi player text based mafia game (RPG) with no downloads needed! You start out as a lonely thief stealing candy from small children, your hope and dream is to become the most feared and respected E-Thug on the internet.

Show everyone just how pimp you are, by buying the most expensive houses, cars and any other toys you find. Build up your reputation as the most feared gangster attacking any who oppose you!

Unlock goodies as you climb up the ladder, and take it all!

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Player Events

07-17-18: draglong has just gained a level.
07-13-18: hello has just gained a level.
07-13-18: Reaper Was just hired as CIA Security Programmer
07-09-18: draglong Was just hired as Ed's TV Repair and Liquor
07-05-18: Iownzyou Just set off an atomic bomb in CAC Downtown District. There were 272 players killed!
07-03-18: killer234 has just gained a level.
07-03-18: draglong has just gained a level.

Vegas Happenings

Point Jackpot: 193 points!
Cash Jackpot: $1,528,150,000

The Markets

Nashville Auto Swap-Meet

No items for sale

Downtown Market

No items for sale

Points Market

No points for sale

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