My current system is:
2x Alpine MRP-M500 500W RMS @ 2ohms
Each mono runs a Rockford Fosgate punch P3 DVC P3D412, which are 500RMS and peak at 1000 So I can always hit the RMS, but never go higher that that (in theory?). For the longest time I always thought Peak was a junk number that didnt matter but RMS was all you needed to worry about, then I think I learned that it actually has some meaning but RMS is more important?

Mids and Highs:
Alpine MRP-F300
Which I was going to bridge to my tweets (yeah 300W to my tweets)
Alpine MRP-F550
Which was bridged to my mids.
Originally I was under the impression that no one ran rears?
I got rear ended my amp rack broke and my fronts got blown (I was sitting still and she was going 40+)
Her insurance is paying for the repairs, with that money plus my own added funds I have this:

So after looking around researching and talking I came up with this for a replacement.
Rears: Infinity Kappa 693.11i 6x9's (run in parallel @ 2ohms)
Fronts: Infinity Kappa 60.11cs 6 1/2's (run in parallel @ 2ohms)
4Channel: Hifonics ZRX2000.4 4 Channel running fronts and rears @ 500W RMS x 4 @ 2 Ohms
(Those drivers are stable at 2 ohms, the competitors in the class were only 4-ohm stable.

For the subs, same Rockford's 500 Watts RMS 1000 Watts Max
I'm looking to run them both @1 ohm off a single amp. They are Dual 4-ohm, so obviously they run at 2 with the voice coils in parallel, so if I run them both off the same amp it'll be a 2ohm load. (I think)
I'm looking at the Hifonics BRX2000.1D to do that, and before you say "Ew Hifonics?" This series is actually CEA-2006 Compliant

As far as replacing my 4 channel I was looking at the Hifonics 2000W RMS, I listed above because it is 2 ohm stable at 500 x 4.
However that series is not CEA-2006 compliant. Which may or may not be a big deal.
I'd like to be around 2000W RMS total. I think that's the right thing? I'm running 2 channels to the front, one to each crossover, and 2 channels to the back one to each 6x9. I specifically picked all 2 ohm speakers, if I run them in parallel that will drop me to one ohm? If I run them in series then I'm up to 4 ohms? The amp I mentioned before is 500W RMS x 4 @ 2 Ohms, 250W RMS x 4 @ 4 Ohms.

Is there a better amp for around the same price range ($200-$300), I know that's not a lot, I recently learned that you don't need the big names if you know where to look (My former/current system is all Alpine and Rockford Subs).