I've been out of the big leagues of car stereo for a while. I own a 95 Chevy K1500 Silverado and I've run all new 16 gauge wire to all of the speakers and replaced all speakers with MB Quart component sets.. I was using a JVC head unit but wanted something better with 5V pre-outs for when I install my amps.. I wanted to stay budget friendly because my truck is mostly used on my farm so I went with a Kenwood Excelon because they were a pretty good product back when I kept up with everything.. For some reason the head unit is clipping out at a medium to high volume which is no good.. So all of you car stereo guys I have a couple of questions... 1) Would it be the amp in the head unit clipping out? 2) I was very disappointed with the Kenwood Excelon not putting out any good highs. It is all mids and lows.. So what brand of decent head unit would anyone of you recommend that has a great sound from good lows to super highs that just make all the tweeters just chirp like crazy??? Please ladies and gentlemen I need help and any input would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You..

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