Hi all, New here.

Need some help,

I recently bought a Kenwood 7017DABS and purchased a reverse camera off of ebay. I am having some issues with the image appearing on the screen.

Heres what i have done.

Installed camera and tapped into reverse light with + and -
Run RCA cable to head unit
Car already has reverse sensors and these are working perfectly through the new head unit.
Due to sensors the HU knows to switch to reverse camera mode.

When flicking into reverse i hear the sensors and get a screen trying to display the camera image but for some reason its a black screen.

Reading about it mentions the trigger wire being tapped into reverse wire or 12v ignition supply.

The issue is do i need the trigger wire connected if the HU knows the car is in reverse already. Why isnt the signal displaying on the screen?

Any help and advice you guys can give i will truly appreciate it. Pulling my hair out!