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    Default What are your preferences for SQ?

    Greetings, I wanted to ask the group what they see (opinion) what each speakers is used for. This will be based on a 3-way front, rear fill, and subwoofer.

    -- 1 Tweeter: Is this just for the cymbals, or to raise stage height, or even for more clarity from the vocals. What is your reason for using the tweeter?

    -- 2 Midrange: What do you believe the midrange speaker is really used for? Most of the instruments in music? How about nearly all the vocals (think acappella group). Or just to tie in the midbass to the tweeter? How do you view the midrange in your setup?

    -- 3 Midbass: Is this for the lower end of the musical spectrum? Why would you need a stout midbass? Why would you want a more compliant midbass? How do you view the midbass in your setup?

    -- 4 Rear Fill: Is it needed? Can it be beneficial to your system or will it simply rob you of a great sound stage? Do you just use a coax speaker, a component set, a midbass (explain why) or maybe a wide band speaker? How do you view the idea of rear fill in your setup?

    -- 5 Subwoofer(s): Is this speaker the main speaker type in your setup. Why is this good or is this bad? Explain why you feel this way. Is output more important than accuracy or do you believe that sub bass is just another aspect of a properly set up sound quality system? How do you view the subwoofer in your setup?

    Please, this is not a "Try this driver" or "How big of a woofer is needed" thread. I am merely trying to gauge the interests of our members. This will help myself, the other moderators, and the admins to understand where you are coming from, and what your goals are. We are, after all, here to help.

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    Default Re: What are your preferences for SQ?

    -- 1 Tweeter: I think they are used for pretty much everything you listed. A system without a properly aimed tweeter would sound so awful.
    -- 2 Midrange:
    To me, a midrange should be just that. Everything in the 'middle' vocals, some midbass, instruments etc. But it also depends on the speaker, some are meant to do more than others.
    -- 3 Midbass: I really don't have a dedicated 'midbass' driver in the car. Room is a factor, maybe some day I'll construct some door pods but that will have to be down the road.
    -- 4 Rear Fill: I think it depends on the car and it's use. For the Camaro, I don't think it's really needed. At least not for the few times I drive it a year. If I really wanted to compete with it, yes I would add rear and a signal process/time alignment to get everything as accurate as possible. But for driving to the lake a few times a year, what I have now is OK.
    -- 5 Subwoofer(s): Well, Subs will always have a place in my heart, as BASS is what got me into car audio to start with. I do like my boom, but the older I get the more I realize I just cant' have only bass in a system, I'm not 16 anymore lol.

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