I figured its high time I get a review up about the "Speaker Deflection Pads".

The ones I installed came from Second Skin and were part of the feedback process. Ant generously sent me a pair.

Honestly I wasnt sure what to expect and I was skeptical. The pad is around 7" in diameter and about 3/8" thick. It does have some weight to it, quality rubber.

In my situation I had a bar running through my door behind the speaker. It was necessary to cut the pad in half and apply it above and below the bar.

The results were more than excellent. Output seemed a bit louder (might be in my head), but what I KNOW for sure is it did sound better overall. The music seemed clearer and less colored.

With design in mind all of these pads function the same way. The small angles direct and break up the back wave of the speaker. Helping eliminate the sound made on the back side of the speaker, which isnt what we hear anyhow.

Cascade makes some Deflex pads also... Check www.partsexpress.com for their pricing.

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