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Thread: General Rules

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    Default General Rules

    Welcome to the Car Audio Central forums. Please read all of the rules below before posting. Failure to obey any of these rules can result in removal from the forums. These rules are subject to change at any time. Thank you.

    No Advertising

    Do not use the boards to advertise products or services. If you have items to sell, please use our classifieds.
    No solicitations, product announcements, catalog announcements, sales, etc. If you have product announcements, please use the appropriate area.
    Vendors and dealers must clearly identify their company affiliation in their signature when posting about either their own or a competitors products or services.
    Vendors and dealers may not post misleading or false information.
    Vendors and dealers may not post negative, misleading or Derogatory comments about a competing vendor's products or services.

    Be Courteous.

    Please refrain from profanity and the use of expletives.
    Do not use characters such as @, $, !, *, etc. to by-pass the language filters.
    Do not post harassing, abusive, racial, sexually explicit, defamatory or obscene comments.
    Do not post derogatory content toward one's gender, race, creed, religion, or beliefs.
    Do not post in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered shouting and should only be used for emphasis.


    Post in the forum appropriate for your topic.
    All non-car audio content belongs in the General Conversation or Home Audio forums.
    While posting addresses of other web resources is encouraged, please use the boards to post actual content. Ongoing references to other sites for answers does not provide useful content for our users.
    If a thread is closed or removed by board administration, do not attempt to re-open the topic in a new thread. Closing or removing threads is done for a reason.
    If you find a thread to be offensive, you have the right to contact an administrator or moderator and request that the thread be addressed appropriately.
    Do not ask how to bypass a safety feature on your DVD player. It is there for a reason. It is dangerous and in most cases illegal to do so. We will not give out that information on this website. Any threads asking for itwill be closed.

    Respect Copyrights

    Do not post articles, pictures or other content that you do not have permission to post from the copyright holder.

    Please exercise caution when disclosing your personal information.
    Items posted in our forums are available to the public and it may not be practical for us to remove them. Please consider this when posting.
    Postings are the opinions of their respective authors and do not reflect the opinions of "Car Audio Central.", its officers, directors, employees and shareholders.
    Some forums are moderated by volunteers. Opinions expressed by moderators are the opinions of their respective authors and do not reflect the opinions of "Car Audio Central.", its officers, directors, employees and shareholders.
    Car Audio Central. assumes no liability for direct, indirect, punitive, consequential, special or incidental damages, accident, injury, loss of property, income or life due to use or misuse of comments, suggestions, procedures, modifications, enhancements, repairs or information presented on our services.
    Use any information found on our services at your own risk.

    Registration and Posting

    You agree not to register more than one User Name.
    You agree not to register with false or misleading information.
    You agree not to post knowingly false or misleading information.
    We reserve the right to reveal your identity in the event of legal action arising from any message you post or complaints arising from violation of these guidelines.

    No Children

    No children 13 years old or younger may participate or register as a member of our forums.
    Three Strikes And You're Out

    We reserve the right to change, alter or add any new issues in this section as seen fit and without notification. It is your responsibility to read this thread!

    The first violation of our guidelines will result in a warning.
    The second violation will result in a loss of posting privileges for a week.
    The third violation will result in permanent loss of posting privileges.
    We reserve the right to remove anyone from our forums for any reason, especially for violation of our No Advertising guidelines

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