So I'v blown 3 pairs of tweeters(not that I mind) accidentally connecting to incorrect channel most of the time (running active)

Using a T200.2. For my tweets and T600. 4 for midrange.

So the focals I'm using are great best sounding for my ears atleast, but Iv bought components and once tweeters are gone is there a problem with running 2 brand type speakers? If not what 2 different brands sound good together. I'm looking for tweeters upwards of 75rms as the amps put out serious power and Dnt want power being a factor in blowing speakers.

So what tweeters would do well? What mids would well with the tweets, or what components would you recommend, I'm currently building a new back board to accommodate the T600. 4 as Iv just bought it run new cables as Iv got multiple joins in multiple places thus eliminating the wrong speaker to wrong channel problem I'm having.

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