Hey hows it going, so here is my situation. I have an explorer and have had 2 fosgate T2 15's in a box i built a while back, it sounds great. Ive built probably 15-20 boxes so im no pro but i got enough of a clue to pull it off without a problem... until now. All i hear about is kicker l7s are the shit, cant go wrong with L7s etc etc etc. So i got a decent deal on 2 L7 15's built a box bcuz the one they came in was garbage, huge bandpass not 4 me. . so my box sounds like crap so i read forums figured out everything like i always do and now box#2 is ok on some freqs but it really doesnt have much sq and has kind of narrow sl o t of freqs that sound good and have any output. This sound cannot b what i hear about all the time bcuz my t2's blow these L7s out the water wired at 4 ohms with the l7s @1ohm. My info is hwd 24x45.2x27. Box volume is 11.94ft3 net. Port area is 152.20 in2 . tuned to 34 hz Port gross dims are 24 x6.30x14.75 deep. Box is double baffled subs and bracing is minus .60ft3.. They are powered by a Mtx thunder 1501d . Its 500rms@ 4 ohm 1000rms @2ohm and 2000@1ohm i believe. Ialso have audio control dsp dqdx . 300 amp alt .Big3 1/0 power wire. Subs back port back. Please take a look and tell me what im doing wrong bcuz i havnt a clue. Thanks for reading my thesis. If i missed anything u might need let me know. Thx