The hideous hybrid

This car once belonged to my wife's uncle, who is now unable to drive. As a result, this car, along with several others, has come into our possession. Despite its period of inactivity, the car's exterior and interior remain in good condition. Our plan is to restore its appearance and present it in the best possible light, with the hope that an individual with an appreciation for this type of vehicle will express interest.

Surprisingly, a jump-start was all that was needed to get the car running again. The main hybrid battery began charging almost immediately. We took it for a short test drive around the block, and it performed well as a hybrid. Additionally, we've installed a new 12v battery, and now it starts up without any hesitation. 

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Seat Swap314

Seat Swap

So this Insight has almost 200k miles on the odometer,  and the drivers seat was showing some wear.  Since we have a parts car sitting right in front of it, with only 100k miles. It just makes sense to swap out that seat!  So I did just that!


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Cleaning under the hood312

Cleaning under the hood

After dedicating considerable time to meticulously cleaning the exterior of this Honda Insight, it dawned on me that I hadn't taken a proper look beneath the hood, aside jump starting it. I decided to open it up and quickly realized that this should have been my starting point all along.

I grabbed a rag and a vacuum, meticulously removing pine needles and debris, then proceeded to apply a thorough cleaning solution. With a bit of elbow grease, I diligently wiped down every surface.

It's truly remarkable how a modest amount of effort can significantly enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

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New Wheels,  why not?308

New Wheels, why not?

So we actually have 2 of these Insights,  the other one doesn't seem to run well and is not charging the IMA battery.  So I'm pretty much considering that a parts car at this point.  But it did have some nice new wheels on it,  so time for the old swap-a-roo.

This poor car is starting to look a little better,  well better in the sense it's doesn't look abandoned.  But it's still a Honda Insight after all lol.  

Still working on the paint too!

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Restoring the paint301

Restoring the paint

The paint's condition is quite deteriorated, evident after the initial cleaning. To address this, my first step was using a clay bar on it. The paint's texture was notably coarse due to years of outdoor exposure, leading to various debris adhering to the surface.

The application of the clay bar yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing the paint's smoothness. The transformation was truly impressive, considering the rough, sandpaper-like texture it exhibited initially.

In the next phase, I'll utilize a polishing wheel to enhance its gloss. The accompanying image depicts the application of the clay bar on one side of the hood. Notably, the driver's side already exhibits a slightly more lustrous appearance, displaying a reduction in fading.


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How she came home298

How she came home

Evidently, this car seems to have been parked beneath a tree for the last five years, as it was covered in needles and sap. Thus, the initial task involved a thorough cleaning to rid it of this debris.

The transformation resulting from this seemingly minor effort is truly remarkable, significantly enhancing its overall appearance.

Moving forward, my next endeavor will involve paint restoration in an attempt to restore some of its lost luster.

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At least the dash is cool looking299

At least the dash is cool looking

Has a very 80's digital dash look to it.  Not sure why Honda went this route, like this totally looks like the starship dashboards from the 80's.  But I actually like it.  Cool to see them again. 

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