1984 Camaro Z28 with a C4 Corvette suspension swap front and rear and coil-overs all around. 14” Baer 6P brakes with hydra boost and ABS, Forgeline 18” RB3C wheels. The drivetrain is all aluminum consisting of a 600+ hp, 408 ci LS swap, Magnum F 6 speed transmission, 3 1/2” driveshaft, and C4 DANA 44 with TruTrac and 3.73:1 gears. The interior has Corbeau RRX seats, custom harness bar, Dakota Digital gauges, Vintage Air Magnum IV HVAC, and a custom console with a 2din touch screen. Every body panel has been modified except the roof and right quarter panel including custom made fiberglass front nose and bobbed rear bumper, a fabricated IROC extractor hood, Kindigit door handles, motorcycle gas cap, shaved front fender turn signals, and a custom built aluminum rear defuser.

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2023 car show tour357

2023 car show tour

I attended 5 shows in 2023. Here are some highlights.
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2023 Awards356

2023 Awards

The car was well received for its inaugural show season. The response was overwhelmingly and much appreciated. It received 3 trophies in the abbreviat
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Custom fiberglass front nose 342

Custom fiberglass front nose

I bought a fiberglass IROC front bumper from Stinger Fiberglass and of course had to modify it to make it unique to my car. I started by reinforcing t
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Kindigit door handles 343

Kindigit door handles

I added a set of Kindigit smooth door handles. I filled the original handle and lock holes, fit the new handles, TIG welded everything, bodyworked, an
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Custom rear bumper and diffuser 339

Custom rear bumper and diffuser

The rear bumper and diffuser began with a concept drawing from my imagination which is shortened 6” flush with the taillights. The original steel bu
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IROC style extractor hood 340

IROC style extractor hood

I modified an IROC hood from the recycle yard to make a one of a kind extractor hood. The center sections were cut out and new hand formed pans were m
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4 corner big brakes with ABS338

4 corner big brakes with ABS

I decided to use Baer brakes on this build because they were willing to work with me to add modern brakes to a C4 suspension. At the time they had a k
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Long tube headers with dual 3” exhaust 337

Long tube headers with dual 3” exhaust

To begin with, this system was built specifically for this car, LS swap, and suspension. A custom transmission cross member had to be fabricated in or
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C4 SLA/IRS installed in a 3rd gen Camaro 336

C4 SLA/IRS installed in a 3rd gen Camaro

This all began with a challenge from my brother that this could not be done. I took a rolling chassis of a 92 Corvette and installed it in my 84 Z28.
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