Cherry - 2009 Yamaha V-Twin Raider

2009 1900cc V-Twin Raider

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Car Logs for Cherry

Explore 3 detailed car logs for 'Cherry', showcasing a variety of updates, personal stories, and experiences with this ride.

It has nothing to do with the clutch.

It has nothing to do with the clutch.

Saturday, I drained the transfer case and took it apart, and after pulling out the middle driven shaft, I found out that the chain was so loose that i
Published on Jun 02, 2024
Clutch release cylinder

Clutch release cylinder

The clutch had issues when i bought cherry. Yamaha was going to charge me 1500 to remove my exhaust and replace the part. I said no, and purchased one
Published on May 30, 2024
Fixing this baby.

Fixing this baby.

My baby: picked her up for 2k. Definitely needs some fixin. Paid Yamaha to replace battery and starter silonoid. Im buying a house, we close on it in
Published on May 27, 2024

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