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Santa' workshop

Santa Bullet - 202012-23-20 - Santa is in town, come get your photo and stock up on some limited quantity items. Hurry these won't last long. Located Downtown in the shopping center.

Gang Inventory Audit

5-24-19 -

This request has come up several times recently, so we would like to announce that the Gang Inventory Audit system is now live.

When an item is removed or added to your gang's inventory, it will be logged. So no more guessing who took an item, you can easily see where it went

You can find this new feature on your gang's homepage, under Member Tools.

Lottery System back....

5-14-19 -

Hi Everyone,

The lottery system is back on a trial basis with a few changes. The cost is now 10 points.

There is still some testing to do with it, so it could be shut off again if any bugs are found. But in the mean time, you may go ahead and use it

Lottery on pause.

5-9-19 -

There is currently an issue with the lottery, it's not working correctly. So for now, the lottery numbers are on pause until we figure out why it' not working correctly

Thanks for your understanding

Double Donation Day today!

5-7-19 -

Today only (5/7): When you purchase a 30 day donation pack, you'll receive an additional 30 day donation pack free!

Help support the game, and get yours today!

Join our Facebook page

Facebook5-4-19 -

With all the new players joining the game recently. I thought I would remind everyone to join our Facebook page.

We often post tips/tricks for the game, along with special offers and giveaways.

More free offers

8-25-2017 - Check out our FB page to see the offer. Free stuff!

Vote vote vote!

7-18-17 -

Be sure to vote every day, we need more active players and voting helps bring them in.

Plus you are rewarded with points when you vote, so it's a win/win for everyone

New Homepage

12-19-16 - Hey Everyone, As you can tell, made some updates to the homepage. Still a work in progress, wanted to get your thoughts on it. My goal is to try and make something that is more modern (it's mobile friendly too), something that will make users want to sign up, and also give existing users some in game updates (markets, etc.) Your thoughts? Anything that you would think would be nice to have on the homepage? Chris

Tip of the day: Donation Packs

11-15-2016 - Tip of the day: When you have an enabled 30 day donation pack, you can view your spy log, friends lists and also train in Hollywood for greater stat increases. Right now is the best time to support Mafia Life, double donation days are going on now!

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Be sure to join our FB group, and start up some conversations and also get game news

CAC Mafia on FB

Embarrass your enemy even more

Share your battles on Facebook1 -

Now you can embarrass your enemies even more by sharing their defeat on Facebook!

You will now see a Share button after you battle. Share the news with others about how much you own CAC Mafia life.

CAC Mafia Life now on Facebook!

facebook icon1 - CAC on Facebook

In yet another attempt to try and bring in more players, I've started a Facebook page for our game. If you're on Facebook, click the button to become a fan of the game, and hopefully your Facebook friends will see this, and also join the game.

Hopefully we can get a few more regulars into the game.