The early years

The Ghetto Ride - Chevrolet Camaro (1984)

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This how she looked back in the 90s, you can tell I was a teenager with some of the styling decisions I made.  
Drove this car to work daily for years,  that V6 pooped out pretty quick.  It sat in my driveway for about a year and then I decided to start restoring it.  

Here are some pictures I found from back in the day.

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The early years-347
One of my very first systems in this car.
The early years-346
Oh the tristar wheels. So dated now.
The early years-345
The early years-344
The early years-343
The old Orion Xtreme sticker on the windshield!
The early years-407
Even had the stupid metal mud flaps
The early years-408
The early years-809

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