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So a few years back,  I had my wheel re-wrapped in a more OEM type look.  I had RedLine Goods do the rewrap,  it came out really well done,  and really had a factory look with a little bit of updating (red stitching). My car is actually the one used on their site currently. 

Since I've been doing more custom stuff in the interior, I wanted to update the wheel some more. So I reached out to them about wrapping another wheel I had. This one was originally a rubber wheel (not leather wrapped).  I wanted to use this wheel,  as it's a bit thicker than the OEM leather ones.  Redline said they could do it, so I sent it over to them.  

I got the wheel back and it looks great!  
I went with Black perforated leather on the sides, and Black Alcantara on the top and bottom with red stitching.  Everything turned out really well, the leather looks of a good quality.  This past weekend was the first time I've gotten to really drive the car,  since putting the wheel on.  I just love how this looks and feels. Really gives the car a luxury/modern look.

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Steering wheel rewrap!-377
Love this new wheel
Steering wheel rewrap!-375

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