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The Daily - Toyota 4Runner (2004)

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For some reason, Toyota decided to use orange-colored LEDs in the cluster of their vehicles, which I and many others found visually unappealing. Understandably dissatisfied with this choice, one of the first modifications I did was to carefully extract the cluster and replace those unsightly LEDs and replace them with nice bright white and blue LEDs.  These white LEDs really made the cluster easier to read in the day and at night.  While I was in there,  I also swapped out the gear indicator LEDs and some of the warning lights.  

It was a great improvement over the OEM LEDs

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Gauge cluster LED swap out -404
Original orange cluster (puke)
Gauge cluster LED swap out -405
Updated cluster with new LEDs
Gauge cluster LED swap out -406
The LEDs lit up at night

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