Restoring the paint

The paint's condition is quite deteriorated, evident after the initial cleaning. To address this, my first step was using a clay bar on it. The paint's texture was notably coarse due to years of outdoor exposure, leading to various debris adhering to the surface.

The application of the clay bar yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing the paint's smoothness. The transformation was truly impressive, considering the rough, sandpaper-like texture it exhibited initially.

In the next phase, I'll utilize a polishing wheel to enhance its gloss. The accompanying image depicts the application of the clay bar on one side of the hood. Notably, the driver's side already exhibits a slightly more lustrous appearance, displaying a reduction in fading.


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Restoring the paint-474
Clay bar on the drivers side.
Restoring the paint-475
This will end up being a good 30 footer paint :)

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