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Sportage - Kia Sportage (2019)

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So heres specs on the Box. 

Vb= 1.68 cu ft per woofer

Fb= 27.53 Hz

F3= 30.71 Hz

I bought all my parts from Parts Express. Box design was using BassBox Pro.

(2) Dayton Audio DC200-8 woofers

(2) Eminence Alpha 4-8 - 4 inch midrange

(2) GRS ITDI -8 - 1" Tweeter

Dayton Audio KABD-4100 Amp. According to Parts Express it should do 37watts RMS x4 into 8 ohms

(2) Dayton Audio XO2W-3K. 3K Hz crossover for the high end

Dayton Audio KPX DSP programmer for the amp just using it to crossover the woofer right now

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Boom Box ( List)-515

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