Camaro Clear Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Lights

It's been awhile since I really did any upgrades on the Camaro. Last Summer I noticed that SHREK-87-IROC had some newer style front turn signals on his Camaro. So I reached out and he told me a little about them, and I decided to purchase a set for myself.  These are the clear switchback version, there are also a smoked version, but I noticed on those that there is a bezel around the outside that I didn't care for very much.  Plus the smoked lens might be a little darker than I would like, so I went with the clear. 

Installation was pretty easy,  just remove and install the new ones. The kit comes with an LED flasher if you don't already have one. Since I already had one installed from my other lights,  I didn't need to use the one they provided.

I think they look pretty good, I'm hoping they will turn a few more heads during the cruising season this year.  I like that the new lights are much brighter than the DIY LED turns I made 10 or so years ago. The bright white I think will look good in photos when driving around, and the sequential turns are a nice touch too.  

Here is a short video of the turn signal on. 

The only thing I wish was just a tad bit different.  When using the turn signal, when it reaches the full sequential, that it would stay fully lit for like a 1 second longer. As you can see in the video, it instantly goes back off and starts over.  Just that 1 second longer would make it look a little more refined I think.  Just my personal opinion. 

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Camaro Clear Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Lights-762
New lights installed both sides
Camaro Clear Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Lights-763
Old on left, new on right
Camaro Clear Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Lights-764
My old DIY LEDs
Camaro Clear Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Lights-768

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