Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024

The Ghetto Ride - Chevrolet Camaro (1984)

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Here are some videos from the 1st cruise of the 2024 season. It was a slightly wet one, but for the most part the rain held off!

Part 1 - The start of the event!

Part 2 - More cars starting to show up!

Part 3 - It's go time!

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Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024-826
Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024-827
Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024-828
Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024-829
Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024-830
Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024-831
Puyallup Cruise - April 27, 2024-832
Thank you to the person who took our picture

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