Fixing this baby.

Cherry - Yamaha V-Twin Raider (2009)

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My baby: picked her up for 2k. Definitely needs some fixin. Paid Yamaha to replace battery and starter silonoid. Im buying a house, we close on it in a month. My wife is giving me the garage. The bike has a dragging clutch. I think they upgraded the exhaust without upgrading the clutch. The other issues i am gonna fix are:

  1. Fork seal
  2. Brake pads
  3. Clutch slave cylinder 
  4. Headlights
  5. Front and rear turn signals
  6. Handlebar grips
  7. Clutch basket
  8. Clutch friction plates
  9. Clutch coil spring upgrade

Can’t wait to get started. FYI the admins should add the ability to set motorcycles as rides.

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Fixing this baby.-856

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