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Honey Hush - Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am/GTA/Formula (1980)

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Ever since Year One released the first pics and videos of their Bandit Trans Am I knew I had to have Flush glass on my car.   I had no idea how difficult it would be.  Fesler makes a set of front and back glass that are supposed to fit flush in the stock location so you can delete the window moldings for a more modern look.  The front glass fit with no issues at all.   The back glass on the other hand was not so easy.   I had to build the car around the glass.  

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Flush glass-913
First fit check. It didnt look good
Flush glass-914
1/2 gap on the left side that needed filled
Flush glass-915
Metal work done
Flush glass-916
Roughed in bodywork
Flush glass-917
Not bad for a rookie
Flush glass-918

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