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I want to add a few interior details. The lower  console was covered with 3M carbon fiber vinyl wrap, the shifter plate has cup holders added, a reverse 2 DIN touch screen head unit, and Vintage Air controls. The shifter plate and radio bezel were 3d printed by Unleaded Designs. There are Dakota Digital gauges in the dash. The seats are Corbeau RRX with 5 point harnesses with a custom made harness bar. The headliner is ABS that has been modified to delete the sun visors and seat belt retractors before covering it and the sail panels in charcoal fabric. The carpet is ACC ebony mass back with matching kick panel inserts, lower door panels, and floor mats. The door panels are also ABS with matching material from Corbeau and stitched locally to match the seats with new upper trim from Hawks Motorsport. The remaining interior trim panels have been color changed to Dove gray, including the sill plates that were modified to fill the seat belt retractor holes. I added power windows, door locks, and mirrors to the car since they were not in the car originally.

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