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Purchased an LED kit from Amazon for around $50.00, it came with 12 led tubes, a power wire with inline fuse, a negative wire, two remotes, and spare fuse. First i layed out the entire system on the ground by my R6 to see if i could determine the best placement for the LED strips, a lot of places stuck out to me but i also had to consider were the lights projection would be, a lot of places ended up being on the frame which was perfect because that meant they wouldnt get in the way of anything if i had to do any mechanical work on the bike. I stripped the R6 of all its plastic fairings and placed the strips, some places didnt stick so well even after cleaning so i had to use gorilla super glue. Long story short the lights are done and i’m just waiting on my new fairings to arive, since the ones i had were trash. Check out the pics.

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