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    Good day new fella

    Started by loudwagon15s at 04-15-11, 01:52 PM

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  2. loudwagon15s

    Senior Member
    05-04-11 #2


    I dont have any experience with that particular unit, but a year ago i bought a cda-105. I really like it, with the exception of its crossover controls, and eq controls. My cheaper pioneer had more, and scrolling through my ipod takes forever with so many artists, so i usually unplug the ipod, select, then re-plug. Overall i really like it, but its lacking in some areas. After looking over the 117, looks like all of those issues are worked out- multi level display, and a 5 band eq

  3. ez28

    05-05-11 #3


    thanks. i have an old alpine in my 95 yota 4runner that loves to hold on to ur cds so its time for a new one.i looked at the alpine cde 125 and 126 they are all that i need but like most 117 puts a little more in the game.i want be displaying it anywhere but i will have that feeling (this sounds good the other one may have sounded great) you now what i mean we all have had it. i have looked into pioneer's

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