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    Non sound recommendation question... Which double DIN GPS also rocks? :-)

    Started by anomaly65 at 06-25-12, 01:22 PM

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    Started by ez28 at 07-10-12, 09:55 AM

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  2. OnYrMrk

    07-06-12 #2


    What kind of vehicle? Is there a dash hump above the instrument gauges? These are some factors that can hinder a good image.

  3. Luffy

    Junior Member
    07-06-12 #3


    My car is Nissan Latio

  4. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    07-07-12 #4


    Luffy, give me a little time to work up a response. I do have some pointers for you, but im overseas right now. So it might take me a day to respond with everything.

  5. Luffy

    Junior Member
    07-07-12 #5


    Thanks and I shall wait for u respond

  6. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    07-07-12 #6


    Actually, lets keep it simple.

    Follow this, and then let us know where your at.

  7. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    07-07-12 #7


    Couple more pointers.

    As much as a ruler seems like the best way to figure TA it really isn't. There is so much going on inside of your car, that just measuring and setting doesn't always work. You really need to use your ears, and fine tune as required.

    Since your mid and tweet are mounted next to each other, and the tweet is crossed over that high, go ahead and set the TA on the tweet the same as the mid range. You will still need to adjust phasing on everything. But your TA on the tweet shouldn't need any fine tuning.

    As i said in the link I posted. Above 500 hertz, volume starts to play a roll in staging. Not just TA. So once you get the mid rang adjusted. You might have to do a mass cut the right or left tweeter to center your highs.

    If your processor can do 1/3 octave EQ you can actually go through each band, and center accordingly. But that is a last step, after TA and phasing.
    Last edited by JeremyC; 07-07-12 at 01:09 PM.

  8. Luffy

    Junior Member
    07-07-12 #8


    Thanks for reply, JeremyC.

    I tried this morning, play with a mono pink noise and start to time delay my midrange in driver seat ( switch off my tweeter and midbass ).
    1. When time delay is 1.0ms, pink noise sound like focus and balance, but it is not in center.
    2. When time delay is 1.6ms, pink noise feel like located in center, but sound unfocus and feel like fall apart.

    In senario 1&2, i keep reversed the phase 180 degree to driver side midrange( passenger side midrane keep phase 0 degree), sound more terrible becomes fall apart and it seems shift to driver side, the sound causing me feel dizzy.

    As u said, above 500Hz, IID and ITD starts to play a roll in staging. does it mean i want to make ITD 1.0ms time delay (cos sound more focus and natural), and minus the SPL dB to driver side midrange cos of IID ??

  9. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    07-08-12 #9


    It sounds like you've got something messing with your sound. Can you upload a couple pictures of the mid range and tweets.

  10. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    07-08-12 #10


    Try something else for me. Lower the LPF on the mid range to 1k and drop the tweeter to 3k. Let's get your mid out of the ITD area some.

    Then you can just do a mass cut on the tweeter to recenter.

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