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    Anyone interested in a Pioneer DEH 980bt or Us acoustics 150 rms x 2 amp?

    Started by Nick Balak at 02-10-14, 10:50 PM

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  2. plcrides

    03-02-14 #2

    Default Re: New subs and amps on JBL Tundra 2012

    hi their,as far as amps you can do what i like to do and go to google and type in the best car amplifiers reviews for 2013 or 2014 and it will show you the best bang for the buck.prices will really be amazing this way for subs you can always get a different type sub something like sundown audio or something and port it,that will increase the sound level drastically.i once had 3 jl audio 8's in a ported box then i got 2 jl audio 8w7's in a ported box and it was awesome.but jl audio is really over priced.theirs so much out their that are good subs.

    try looking on youtube for either your vehicle or one similar to it and see what they have in theres,and while their type in sundown sa 8's or dd,or dad,or american bass subs and these all come in 10's or 12's too.i just purchased two sundown sa 12's for dirt cheap and they are the best subs I've ever had.

  3. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    03-04-14 #3

    Default Re: New subs and amps on JBL Tundra 2012

    Also don't rule out used equipment.
    You can get some nice top tier equipment much cheaper this way, people who are really into this stuff like to upgrade and then need to get rid of their couple year old stuff.

  4. Edwin8484

    Junior Member
    03-04-14 #4

    Default Re: New subs and amps on JBL Tundra 2012

    Yeah that's what I'm planning on doing, I see some really nice jl audio stuff online but I'm not sure if it'll fit on my truck. Mostly w6 and w7 stuff

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