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  2. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    07-26-18 #2

    Default Re: Need help bad

    Quote Originally Posted by smoke1mo84 View Post
    I put in a aftermarket radio. I had to ground it behind the dash just to get power but I can't get any power to my speakers

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    Hi welcome to the forum,
    I think we are going to need a little more details.

    What type of car are you putting this in?
    what type of deck did you install?
    Did you leave in the factory speakers or did you replace those too?
    Does your car have any factory amps?
    Did you install any aftermarket amps, or did you connect the speakers directly to the deck?

    hopefully we can help you figure it out

  3. ackmandan

    Junior Member
    07-30-18 #3

    Default Re: Need help bad

    I thought the harness carried the ground? I'm new to this forum...

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  4. SuanHarrington

    Junior Member
    07-31-18 #4

    Default Re: Need help bad

    The harness should carry the ground. You should't have to run a separate ground unless it's not the right harness or a bad connection. Do you have a Bose system or something similar. We installed a touch screen radio in a 02 Chevy. Three possible harnesses. The first harness we purchased was for who knows what, the radio would not power on, but it plugged right into the factory dash harness. The second harness we purchased was for the Bose system, this time the radio would power on, but no sound. The third and final harness was for the none Bose system with the tweeters and the subwoofer. That was the harness we needed.

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