So I'm getting really pitchy sounds in my speakers almost like a slight screetching pitchyness to some of the higher notes in some songs or most songs now anyway and he's what I've concluded so far:

My setup is a Kenwood Excelon KDC-x303 head unit with a low treble high base setup in the EQ and the gains all set to zero db. I have kenwood excelon KFC-XW100 two 10 inch subwoofers powered by a kenwood monoblock sub amplifier I think rated at 300 rms for the amp and the subs. I have a Pyramid PSV-300 Fully Regulated Low Ripple 30Amp Switching DC Power Supply (basically what they call a ac to dc converter) and have everything set up in my room. With an 8 guage wire for going to the ac to dc converter as well as the sub. And a 14 awg wire for the speakers coming from the left side of the back of the head unit not the preamps. And I think that's all I'm using but lets get to it..

I contacted support for the kenwood and they think it might either be the speakers or a faulty head unit. Didn't have as much problems with it in the begining so I'm thinking it blew out... But why? They told me they never seen a setup like mine where i have the speaker wire NOT coming out of the preamps but on the other side of the back of the head unit and my dad told me to just adjust the fader to the left and that did nothing to fix it.
His conclusion is that it's the actual music I'm listening to from youtube he said some quality is lost and to rather use a cd with songs on it (not something you download then put on a cd but rather something you'd get from a store) I think he might be on to a little something here considering there's some songs on youtube that seem at least louder right? or pitchy if you would in comparison to who actually uploaded the song. Perhaps that is a better source than these lyric videos

COuld it possibly be the area in which the speakers have to perform My room is pretty big after all so I'd imagine the speakers would need a higher efficiency to measure up. Doubtful about this being the issue as well but it's something to consider.

As far as the wattage just not being enough Perhaps this is the issue cause it gets pretty darn loud even for 20/35 voume the 35/35 would make my ears bleed. And no I don't have the loudness feature on as I know that could cause problems as well. Then again when I'm using this non ampped pyle speaker in my travel trailer with some decent maybe 80 dollar 4 speaker polk audio setup it can get loud as F without having any sort of pitchy problems like I am having.

Can't adjust the built in amplifier on the head unit's 'gain' cause it doesn't support that. The only one I can adjust is the external amp through the crossover if I even had one.

Do you think perhaps Getting some new speakers and/or a beefier power amp could possibly solve all this? I'm planning on getting some polk audio mm1 series that have a power handling of 150rms watts and a pioneer amp with 1-8 ohm impedance and 100-125 watt rms 4 ohm power. I mean I want to figure this out in case something is blowing my speakers out I would hate to put 150 bucks into a pair of decent speakers just to have the same problem Thanks again guys.