Hi all
Noobee on here looking for some info,
I've trawled the net and came across this forum so ive now searched the forum but I haven't found any reasonable info, so....

Just fitted an alpine UTE-204DAB head unit into my mk7 transit(2006-2014) but can't find any info or options for hooking up the Ford OEM stalk controls on the steering column.
The ford OEM control is a simple 2wire resistance ladder so easily enough splicing into That, but the head unit uses a 3.5mm Jack for connecting into the system.

Does anyone know if the head unit is looking for an analogue signal through the input jack or is it a canbus signal it requires.
I've seen the ASWC-1 from Metra but I'd hope I'm not needing anything that fancy? (They're nearly the same price landed in the uk as I paid for the head unitAlpine stalk controls)


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