Harman’s JBL and Infinity car audio brands will offer new ultra high end audiophile systems this year, said Harman’s Jeff Fay during CES this month.
Infinity will offer its new speaker system under its former Beta brand (now spelled BeTA), which it is bringing back this year. The speakers are designed as a “cost is no object” system using beryllium tweeters. The two-way passive system includes 6.5 inch carbon fiber woofers plus the tweeters.

JBL’s version is the ARENA and the top-of-the-line ARENA EXP. The latter, at a suggested price of $5,499, is a three-way active system with a 1-inch beryllium tweeter. Beryllium is a rare earth metal that provides 4.5 times the stiffness of aluminum or titanium with three times more damping and at half of the weight. “Beryllium tweeters are the centerpiece of the ARENA automotive loudspeaker series,” said Harman. Read More >>