There are dashcams and then there are ‘Ring Video Doorbell’ type dashcams that let you peer in and around your car from your phone at any time, using a 4G connection.
Suppliers Directed, Harman and Thinkware are planning to offer such 4G dashcams this year, joining Waylens, who was first out of the gate with the product among 12 volt suppliers last year. (Additionally, startups such as Owl and Raven offered the 4G dashcams through mass merchant and online channels last year).

Harman’s new dashcam (top photo), simply called ‘dash’, is expected to ship in Q2, and is aimed at both retail and OEM. Harman said it will be offered to 12 volt retailers. It has a forward facing camera and rear facing lens that lets you see the driver and rear passengers. Like other 4G/WiFi cameras it allows users to check in on their car in real time from a smartphone with a live view of the car. And users can view video footage on their smartphone. The dash also offers ADAS features such as forward collision warning, lane detection and distracted driver monitoring. Read More >>