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    Default Re: Kenwood DDX8019 DABS

    Quote Originally Posted by fbikz75 View Post
    Hello everyone ...I've been using this Kenwood DMX8019DABS in my car for a few days now..
    I cannot set it on an incoming call when the phone is connected to a bluetooth the very sound of the ringing on my phone can be heard from the speakers in the car....
    I have no problem when I talk through bluetooth, but I'm frustrated by the fact that there is no sound from the speakers in the car, that I have an incoming call....
    I paid 540 euros and there is no such simple function...
    When I have an incoming call on the phone and it is connected to the bluetooth to the Kenwood I guess it should be heard from the speakers in the car..
    I've only used Payner in my car 10 years and have had no such problems..
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks in advance
    Welcome to the forum. What kind of phone are you using?
    Are you sure your bluetooth settings on your phone, are enabled for phone calls?

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