Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all-ok and are staying safe. My name is Aidan. I live in Manchester UK. When I was younger, my friends and I loved our car audio and, after a long time out of the game, due to academic studies, career and family commitments, I have recently reignited my enthusiasm and passion for car audio.

I found the forum/community through my searches for several pieces of equipment I am looking for, which I would like to buy for an old school build I have in mind. I have been searching out some of the products that were prominent in the game when I was younger, thinking, I would love to own some of these, as I never have the money, or time, to buy any in the past lol. My situation has now changed.

I have soon found that looking to buy these in 2020 is very hard, due to them being dis-continued or replaced by later models, which use parts of a lesser quality, which effect performance and efficiency.

I have been looking for these speakers, because in the past, my friends had them and I found them to be decent. I know now, that these have now been far surpassed by companies like DD, Vibe, Sun Down and other good companies. My question is, do you think I am flogging a dead horse by looking for these, or do you think I should continue my endeavour, as they are now unique in their own right.

I have been looking for these:
Precision Power PPI PC.18DS
Planet Audio FU12/15/18-2 strokers
Planet Audio BB215D 3000Watt
Phoenix Gold Cyclones 12”

Could I ask what people think of these subs & what would you advise me to do? (Maybe look for some up to date stuff) or continue to endeavour to find these due to nostalgia.

Any help and advice would always be much appreciated.