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    Is an alarm worth it?

    Started by NViejeP at 04-28-06, 07:05 AM

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    150w rms sub...suggestions

    Started by lotas at 04-28-06, 02:33 PM

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  2. GlassWolf

    04-28-06 #2


    GlassWolf (aka KikiTheCat)

  3. Darthness

    Master of My Domain
    04-28-06 #3


    it was amazing wasn't it?

    i've been wanting to get rid of those speakers for a while now, just so you know.

    edit: lets focus on the cause of the noise?it only plays through that one speaker.. i'm guessing that means that one speaker's wires or RCAs is getting some sort of noise from the power wire?

    i guess im going to have to find a day off to do this. but then i'd have to remount my amps (well, one of them) and clean up the massive wiring mess i've managed to create. .... one day.

    btw... i kinda ruled out ground problems (without any real reason) because it was only going through the driverside door speakers.
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    [FONT=Arial][I]- Keith[/I]

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