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    System stops working

    Started by Evanjl at 03-10-07, 10:49 AM

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    Started by BryanX33 at 03-13-07, 11:01 AM

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  2. Bwcad1

    Master of My Domain
    03-10-07 #2


    There actually is a diffrence and highly advise against using a bandpass unless your very skilled in box design.

    if you want to do it PM me ill give you my number or get on an instant messaging program and we can discuss it in further detail
    [IMG][/IMG][URL=] [IMG][/IMG][/URL]


  3. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    03-11-07 #3


    Quote Originally Posted by scotts1000rr
    what is the difference in porting a bandpass box in the front or the rear chamber?
    Gives you the differences between the box types and whatnot.

  4. GlassWolf

    03-16-07 #4


    nice. I was just about to post that link myself
    GlassWolf (aka KikiTheCat)

  5. smoker

    Master of My Domain
    03-16-07 #5


    at almost exactly the same time too!!!!!!! how cool is that?

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