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    resin curing times

    Started by Tim at 06-21-08, 05:08 PM

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    Started by coot at 06-23-08, 02:45 PM

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  2. smoker

    Master of My Domain
    06-21-08 #2


    if the car doesnt die while your driving its not the alt. check your battery water level, then check the battery when it has a full charge.

  3. JeremyC

    Platinum Plus
    06-21-08 #3


    Yeah man that sounds like a bad battery.

  4. loudwagon15s

    Senior Member
    06-21-08 #4


    yepp, sounds like a dead battery. A better battery such as an everstart maxx or deka intimidator will definitly be an improovement, especially if you do your big three (batt- to car-, alt+ to batt+, engine - to batt-)

  5. cargodz

    Master of My Domain
    06-22-08 #5


    Like everyone else... sounds like the battery, you have to realize that a standard automotive battery has a life span of about 7 years (give or take... especially when you put more draw on them).
    As mentioned, Better battery and the big 3 and you should be golden
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  6. Tim

    Master of My Domain
    06-22-08 #6


    The battery is bad, I had a similar problem a while back, got a new battery and fixed it right up.

    That was before I knew about the big 3. Throw ya a new battery in and do the big 3 just for good measure and yule be fine.


  7. Munki

    06-24-08 #7


    Yesum....I couldn't agree more with these nice gentlemen <sry if your a lady> I actually can't tell you to go get a big nice battery because i only have a very little Everstart battery (wal-mart) It was actually given to me by my parents and being broke as i chance of a bigger one.......but yes sry i went off there but just go get yourself a new battery.....even if you cant afford a yellow top optimum or Connectic. If it gets you from point "a" to point "b" then your fine.

  8. tater

    Senior Member
    06-30-08 #8


    how much wattage. and what electrical upgrades have you done?

    You may just be draining the juice faster than the alt can produce it..

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