Hey guys, I currently own a Pioneer DEH X7800, it met my needs, however I wouldn't say it was tuned optimally. Before deciding on somebody tuning my setup I decided on a new head unit, I got some recommendation regarding the Pioneer 80 PRS, I believe one of the mentions was the built in DSP. I purchased the head unit, overall it felt like a lesser quality product (in my hands / visually), I set the system up how I would myself. I found I didn't really notice much difference at all, especially to warrant the 260 tag, I also found it a little tedious having to use my phone to change songs on the BT as it doesn't seem to support this whereas the newer unit I can change using the headunit controls.

Will I really notice enough difference to warrant the tag? Or is there a newer unit that will be better? I was aiming for under 200, or will my current head unit more then suffice? I am using a 2 channel amp, component speakers in the front, an active subwoofer, rear speakers are coaxs just connected to the hu.

Thank you