Hi all,

I've had a Kenwood DXN892 in my 2005 RAM 1500 4WD QC SLT for some time now and even though I luv the unit, I have always experienced problems with the bluetooth failing to connect to a couple of my phones (connects to others), and finding other bluetooth devices during setup from 'Setup->Bluetooth' selection.

Tonight I'm sitting here in the rain trying to get the receiver to see a SmartPhone that I KNOW connects fine to OTHER Bluetooth devices, and no matter when order I do the process in - the DXN setup never SEES the phone. So I thought a post here might garner some input as to WTH is going on.

My goal is to get the BT connecting so I can link the iHeart app on the phone with the iHeart function on the Kenwood.
Is there a secret hand motion I need to do to make the DXN scan for Bluetooth devices ?
As far as I know, I have the latest firmware update applied via SD.