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    Started by Chris from Washington at 04-24-14, 02:09 PM

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  2. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    05-08-14 #2

    Default Re: DIY: Fiberglass Kickpods

    With the kickpod in the car, apply a thin layer of bondo to your kickpod. You should still have the tape in place on the carpet. What I did was actually smooth the bondo onto the tape on the fllow. Let this dry some but before it dries all the way, pop the kickpod out of the car. You should be left with a nice edge that conforms nicely to the floor.
    Now you’ll want to sand the entire kickpod, get all the highspots and divits. Try and get it as smooth as you can. The air sander works great for this, and makes it much faster. You will need to use hand sanding on some of the tight corners.
    Grafting Pod to OEM Panel
    I drilled a couple holes in my panel and kickpod and ran a bolt through to keep them together. Once they are together, I took some bondo to fill any seems. Then I sanded, and when completed they should look as though they were one piece.
    test fit1
    Bondo applied, and as smooth as I could. It was a hot day, and the bondo was setting up quick on me.

    I have it all pretty much sanded and smoothed out, just need to go over it one more time to make sure I have it as smooth as possible.

    Some people like to cover their pods with carpet or vinyl, depending on the car you could do this. But with mine, it just doesn’t look right. So instead, I choose to texture my pod using the SEM texture paint, then paint over that with SEM color coat (this is the paint on the rest of my interior pieces) so that it will look almost identical to the factory plastics.

    All Done
    touch screen installed2
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  3. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    05-08-14 #3

    Default Re: DIY: Fiberglass Kickpods

    1. If you get resin on your skin, use COLD water to get it off. Hot water opens up your pours and pulls the resin in even more!

    More Pics
    7270861400256775 10539a4155
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  4. colemanyoungerinalaska

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    12-20-14 #4

    Default Re: DIY: How to build Fiberglass Kick pods

    very nice

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