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    DIY: How to build Fiberglass Kick pods

    Started by Chris from Washington at 05-04-14, 07:59 PM

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  2. Chris from Washington

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    Default Re: 3rd Gen Camaro 1.5 Din to Double Din conversion

    Test fitting both

    Now it’s time to test fit the factory and universal bezel together. The universal bezel should fit right inside the hole you cut. If it does not, you need to trim more off the factory bezel or off the top of the universal bezel. It should look like this
    factory universal test fit

    Grafting both together

    Once both piece fit together nicely, take the glue gun and on the back side put a small amount of glue, just enough to hold them together.
    factory universal test fit back
    NOTE: Be sure to get both pieces as even as possible. Otherwise it will cause more work later when working with the bondo.
    Once you are satisfied with how both fit together, it’s time to mix up the epoxy. Once it’s ready, take the epoxy and on the back of the bezel, apply in the cracks where both pieces meet. Let dry.
    Now take more epoxy and very carefully try and drip it into the seems. This will strength both pieces and prevent cracking later.


    Once everything has dried, take your air sander and very carefully sand away any excess epoxy that may have built up on the front of the bezel. Be careful not to dig into the bezel itself.

    Now mix up your bondo, and apply a very thin layer over the seems. Your goal is to make the seem disappear.
    Once dry, sand again and feather out any rough/high spots.


    Double Check

    Before applying the texture paint, take the primer and apply to the bezel. What we are doing here is looking for any bondo seems, or other imperfections from our sanding. If you see anything, sand some more. Otherwise these will show through the texture.


    Now it’s time to use the SEM Texture paint.
    Mask off everything that you don’t want to have a texture, I did the edges of and HVAC portion of the bezel.
    Shake the texture paint well, and apply a thin coat over the bezel. Let dry, and compare to the factory texture.
    PROTIP: Always start spraying away from your bezel, this paint has a tendency to splatter at the start of the spray, and you’ll have to let dry and sand it off if this happens.
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  3. Chris from Washington

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    Default Re: 3rd Gen Camaro 1.5 Din to Double Din conversion


    Now it’s time to finish this project up!
    Remove all the masking tape, and double check to make sure everything looks good.
    Shake the SEM color coat and apply a light coat to the bezel. Let dry for about 15 minutes, and apply another coat.
    Apply a 3rd coat if needed.


    You're now ready to install the bezel into the car!
    I tried to capture everything in this tutorial, but I'm sure I left something out. If you have any questions, please ask.


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