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    Head unit repair

    Started by falkenbd at 01-30-09, 01:48 PM

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    Started by Tim at 02-04-09, 08:01 AM

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  2. Ryan from Ohio

    Master of My Domain
    01-30-09 #2


    Well its an Eclipse.

    I think your best off to buy something used thats not bottom of the barrel. Unless your dads a no thrills type guy, then go for it.

    $75 is pretty cheap.
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  3. jgs07

    Senior Member
    01-30-09 #3


    yeah i dont want to get him something thats more money becuz he has no alarm in his truck and hes also tired of driving around with no music watsoever so i want to get him something cheap but a unit that he can run components off of and maybe in the future some subs.

  4. sinister audio

    Master of My Domain
    01-31-09 #4


    go for this its alot better for the money|240%3A1318

  5. swimmerdude

    Platinum Plus
    01-31-09 #5


    Quote Originally Posted by sinister audio View Post
    go for this its alot better for the money|240%3A1318
    whoever got that.... that was a kick ass deal!!

    that eclipse will do if you want just a basic am/fm, cd player. its nothing fancy so go at it!

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