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  2. Chris from Washington

    Shitters full!
    09-27-15 #2

    Default Re: Android auto help please!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey Petrick View Post
    hello! im new to this forum, and this is my first thread so sorry if i happen to be posting this in the wrong place, but ive been looking all over trying to find a remedy to my problem so now im turning to the forums for help.

    i have a newly acquired 2010 chevy malibu LTZ, with a freshly installed pioneer SPH-DA120 APPRADIO 4 double din headunit. it loooks amazing, and it works great with an exception of two headaches. one being that i used a chime retention harness, and now every time i start the car, the chimes get amplified through the door speaker and its ear splitting loud (but i have an appt with bestbuy to have that looked at on friday). and the one i cant seem to figure out for ANYTHING. ihave a google nexus 6, and ive been told multiple times this phone is compatible with android auto, and i have even seen videos of it working, but i cant get i to work at all on my head unit. now mind you my headunit is compatible with car play, mirrorlink, and appradio and theres videos of it running android auto. my problem lies when i plug the phone into the unit, the only message i get is an error on the unit reading "incompatible usb". the device ans the headunit are at the latest firmware, and as added measure, i reset the device, and tried applying the parking brake, and enabling USB debuggind, all with the same end result. im at my wits end trying to figure this out, someone help please!
    did you ever get this resolved?

    I'm looking up the appradio 4, and I'm not seeing it supporting Android Auto.

    I know the NEX line does, as I've been looking into for myself.

    But I am curious if the appradio models support it.

  3. logoster

    Junior Member
    09-28-16 #3

    Default Re: Android auto help please!!!!

    Now this may be a stupid question, but did you remember to run the android auto app on your phone?

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