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    Need new reciever/unit

    Started by Ryan from Ohio at 12-28-08, 01:13 PM

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    what's my amp worth?

    Started by diceman1000 at 02-08-09, 12:46 AM

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  2. k0rnyfr33k

    Senior Member
    01-01-09 #2


    damn dude, how much did you spend on all that?...just curious, and where's the pics at?

  3. MobileAudio219

    Master of My Domain
    01-01-09 #3


    Quote Originally Posted by GlassWolf View Post
    It was time to update my gear a little.
    Panasonic TH-50PZ800U 50" VIERA® 1080p THX®-certified plasma HDTV
    AV Receiver
    Onkyo TX-NR906 (black) THX Ultra2Plus certified receiver
    Sony BDP-S350 High Definition Blu-Ray DVD Player
    HR22-165 DirecTV HD DVR
    Ion USB belt-drive turntable
    Tape deck
    Denon DR-M11 stereo cassette tape deck
    Toshiba W808 6-head S-VHS
    Panasonic LX-H670 multi-laser disc player
    Onkyo Integra EQ-35
    Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal RF Advanced Remote
    APC Line-R 600VA Line Conditioner
    APC Back-UPS 600 UPS
    2.0 audio critical listening:
    Martin-Logan Odyssey ESL panels, bi-amped
    7.1 A/V
    KEF Reference Series 104/2 mains, bi-amped
    (type SP3128 matched pair, rosewood finish)
    Pinnacle P-5.5 center-channel
    rear and surrounds
    KEF Reference Series TDM34DS dipole surrounds
    Energy e:XL-S12 powered subwoofer
    PolyCrystal isolation spikes
    5-shelf hand-made maple A/V rack
    Bell'O gloss black metal and tempered glass plasma TV stand
    hand-made audio cables, 12AWG, banana connections
    Glad to see you back... was wondering what happened to ya!!!

    And yeah, we need pictures!

  4. GlassWolf

    01-02-09 #4


    just bought the TV, receiver, DVD, and remote. also just got the HD DVR. the rest I already had. spent about 5K on the upgrade including a stand for the plasma.
    no pics yet. still waiting for some stuff to arrive. main reason for the upgrade was to switch from component to HDMI for 1080P DSS and BluRay. My old 46" RPTV only did 480P or 1080i via component video, and the plasma takes considerably less floor space.
    I was going to sell the stuff I replaced but I'm finding it doesn't have a great resale value anymore. No value retention in electronics at all.
    This is the old setup:

    I found out the TV is worth about $400-450, and the receiver is worth maybe $250. Sad since I paid about $2400 and $1100 respectively for them. Also paid about $400 for my old TSU2000 Philips Pronto touchscreen remote that's worth maybe $100 now. Not sure what the panasonic RP82 DVD is worth but not likely too much either, even with the Faroudja DCDi chipset.

    Ah well, such is life.
    GlassWolf (aka KikiTheCat)

  5. Ryan from Ohio

    Master of My Domain
    01-02-09 #5


    Yup no resale value in Electronics unless you sell stuff quickly...

    Sounds like a proper makeover. Just curious why you went with a Plasma over LCD?
    [SIZE=3] - Your #1 Car Audio Resource on the Net![/SIZE]

  6. William from NOLA

    01-02-09 #6


    Long answer short, plasma is better than LCD overall. Better blacks by far.
    A.K.A. megahurts4 :: Member since: July 19, 2002

  7. neumann

    Senior Member
    01-02-09 #7


    i have both lcd and plasma at home. prefer the plasma.

  8. Purple RS

    Senior Member
    01-02-09 #8


    Plasma also has a wider viewing angle than LCD. Not that you'll be watching off to the side

  9. Ryan from Ohio

    Master of My Domain
    01-02-09 #9


    Our LCD is 176 or 178 degree viewing

    Thats well enough.

    Ive heard about the blacks being blacker with Plasma.
    [SIZE=3] - Your #1 Car Audio Resource on the Net![/SIZE]

  10. GlassWolf

    01-02-09 #10


    yeah overall better and similar in pricing now.

    faster refresh
    better black levels (mine is THX certified and I've seen rave reviews on it using the THX setting for color)
    better viewing angle
    100K hour lifespan, and technology to avoid permanent burn-in.
    all that stuff.
    I looked at LCD too but I think I prefer plasma. I looked at DLP as well but I want something to save space now, so going with the 50" plasma and a Bell'O TV stand that it mounts to, giving me a shelf under the set for the center channel.

    it'll look like this when it's all together:

    GlassWolf (aka KikiTheCat)

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