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  1. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    09-09-09 #11


    Oh, btw, those are my sisters speakers and receiver. I've been trying them out but want something different.

  2. Tim

    Master of My Domain
    09-09-09 #12


    dude nice setup, even though some of it is your sisters.

    you should be fine as far as the shielding goes. That is usually only a problem with TV's. I know everybody else has said that....but dang it I wanted to say it too. LOL


  3. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    09-09-09 #13


    hahahaha... thanks Tim. I'm definitely reassured now!

  4. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    09-11-09 #14


    Well, I didn't stack the speaker on top of the blu-ray player. But I did set the receiver on top of it. The blu-ray player is built solid and has no problem with the weight. But that board up top where I have the center speaker isn't quite so solid as you might be able to see, it's bending under the weight of the speaker. It's all good though.

    I had to set the satellite dvr over on the side shelf. It doesn't fit perfectly and looks like a turd over there but it works.

    Speaker Placed On Top of Blu-Ray...

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