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  1. audiocr381ve

    Senior Member
    12-16-09 #21

    Default .

    Also, the TV will be in a bright room with lots of windows. So I should go the LCD route.

    Alright guys, help me out here and give me some suggestions. We are looking for a 46" or 47" TV, around about $1,000 buckaroos.

    Enter Target!

  2. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    12-16-09 #22


    Well, out of the LCD's on the website, for around $1000 buckaroos, this is my choice.

    But I've never personally seen this tv up close. So just because the specs are good, doesn't mean it's a good tv. You'd have to check it out first, for sure.

  3. aaronrchr

    12-16-09 #23

    This is the best set on the website for the money in your price range. They're great sets, we used to sell them all day when I worked at sears. But I might suggest that you go to your local store to see if they have a better selection there, because I bet they do.

  4. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    12-16-09 #24


    Yeah, just looking on the net, I can find better deals. The same tv that I posted at Target was on for $100 cheaper.

    Like, aaronrchr said, check your local stores. My local stores have given me sweet deals.

  5. audiocr381ve

    Senior Member
    12-16-09 #25

    Default .

    Read a few posts back NorthQuad

  6. GlassWolf

    12-16-09 #26


    Congrats on the impending marriage.

    I'd say definitely LCD, and in that range, look at:

    Pick the model you like for each of the 3, then compare them in Cnet reviews, and see which one fits the bill for you.
    GlassWolf (aka KikiTheCat)

  7. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    12-16-09 #27


    Quote Originally Posted by audiocr381ve View Post
    Read a few posts back NorthQuad
    Oohhhhhh... How awesome is THAT!?!

  8. audiocr381ve

    Senior Member
    12-17-09 #28

    Default .

    Thanks guys.

    I will definitely use the advice given! If I don't check in before Christmas, have a merry Christmas dudes.

  9. sinister audio

    Master of My Domain
    06-08-10 #29


    I picked up a 48" Panasonic Plasma and I would defiantly recommend it. For $800 shipped for a brand new one its hard to say no.

  10. NorthQuad

    Platinum Plus
    06-08-10 #30


    I love my Panasonic Plasma. But I'm noticing "burn" on the screen.

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