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    New TV, which brand?

    Started by audiocr381ve at 12-15-09, 01:17 AM

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    Started by GlassWolf at 04-11-12, 09:35 AM

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  2. colemanyoungerinalaska

    Senior Member
    05-12-11 #2


    partsexpress or mcm electronics will probably have something thatll work

  3. Mithrandir

    Senior Member
    05-12-11 #3


    how do i know what tweeter will work?

    specs dont have the wattage of the tweeters alone...

  4. colemanyoungerinalaska

    Senior Member
    05-13-11 #4


    the horn is a RX 22 compression driver
    so look for that driver or one with similar specs could probably get one from peavey did he get a sub too id get one w/ those

    on a side note peavey amps are awesome my favorite amp of all time is the first run bandit 112. it was so loud for 80 watts and had awesome tone kept up just fine with friends who had stacks. extremely versatile i could sit and play jazz one minute jimi hendrix the next and then do cannibal corpse covers and it would sound awesome the whole time. keep seeing them on ebay but havent gotten another yet

  5. Mithrandir

    Senior Member
    05-15-11 #5


    yeah the 15 inch subs work fine, just the tweeter is bad

    its saying the driver his comes with is the 22T

    not the RX22

  6. colemanyoungerinalaska

    Senior Member
    05-17-11 #6

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