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  1. sinister audio

    Master of My Domain
    04-18-06 #31


    ya i would do that if i were you joe cause im gonna do it.

  2. OnYrMrk

    04-18-06 #32


    hmmm...methinks me will have to try that.
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  3. William from NOLA

    04-27-06 #33


    Well, yesterday was moving day. We had a lot of furniture for people who lost a lot...

    Anyway, between truckloads, I had a nice surprise at my doorstep. A Yamaha RX-V1600 was waiting It's got some weight to it, I can tell you that! I hooked it up in stereo to the old pair of Titans, and I must say, it sounds pretty nice! FAR better than that Sony we had before. It came with two remotes, which wasn't something I was expecting. The 2nd remote is for the zones 2 and 3. It also came with a mic like the Pioneer car HU's do.

    The binding posts were easy to use. They had a slot which you could slide the wire in and have the wire wrap around the screw as you tighten it. I think it supports up to around 10ga wire.

    Now the only thing I'm upset about, is that damn UPS just left it sitting there! lol
    A.K.A. megahurts4 :: Member since: July 19, 2002

  4. William from NOLA

    05-03-06 #34


    The tv arrived today finally

    Here's some pics of the messy room. I think it's time to crack open that tv box.

    Attached Images

    A.K.A. megahurts4 :: Member since: July 19, 2002

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