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  1. two4fifteen

    Senior Member
    09-12-06 #11


    that depends, do you drive with your windows down when its warm, and up when its cool?

  2. captaincheesey

    Senior Member
    09-12-06 #12


    Sometimes when it is cool it is very stuffy, and I have no AC so I have driven with my windows down in both conditions. The way I judge is by rear view mirror movement. I would play a song with heavy bass and when it is warm, the mirror will pretty much be useless because I will look at a car behind me and it is basically a blur, but when it is cool outside the mirror doesn't move near as much. Could it be the mirror or is it truly the speakers? I would like to point some attention back to the only 200 watts to the subs.

  3. two4fifteen

    Senior Member
    09-12-06 #13


    so your saying you can't hear an audible difference, your just concerned your mirror isnt moving as much?

  4. captaincheesey

    Senior Member
    09-12-06 #14


    Basically, so I guess it is pretty newbish of me? Anyways, disregard my comment like that.

  5. phthisis

    09-12-06 #15


    You could always get a home subwoofer plate amp for the subs.

  6. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    09-12-06 #16


    You won't need nearly as much power for your sub in the house to get as comparatively loud due to the immense road noise that you get while driving. You can use house or car subs in the home since they're both speakers nonetheless. PE sells a bunch of different plate amps. You can also venture into powering your speakers with Pro Sound rack amplifiers.

  7. captaincheesey

    Senior Member
    09-12-06 #17


    After puerusing my room, spell check on the second word, I have noticed that one sub would be all that would fit in the spot I want it, because a two sub box would be too long. So, now that we have found the solution for amp and all that good stuff, I think I need suggestions on a sub that would thump, although not so much that things will shake, such as walls and lighting fixtures, but will give me that clean crisp bass sound I want. I also live in a city called Evansville and I am limited to basically, Crossfire, Alpine, Diamond, Alphasonik, Pioneer/Premier, Kicker, JL Audio, Kenwood, Lightning Audio, and I think that is about it. I am going to go to a small audio shop instead of big places like Best Buy, Circuit City, or Wal-Mart for subs. The amp I would more than likely order offline with the other things needed. An alpine type-E I think might suffice, maybe if I must go to Circuit City an MTX 4500, Kicker comp from Dr. Dashboard or if they have little JLs I could go that route.

  8. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    09-21-06 #18


    How much are you looking to spend? Look at the Dayton 10/12 or some Peerless subs. Both excellent, esp for the money.

    Edit: Sorry for the delayed response. or for speakers.

  9. captaincheesey

    Senior Member
    09-23-06 #19


    Quick announcement: I have two speakers in my room that my step brother took the woofers out of, I will measure them tomorrow, but I am wondering if you would suggest me putting a coupld JL W1v2s in? Because getting ahold of those size wouldn't be that hard, and I am sure and they would only need like 125 watts a piece which is near optimum.

    Like this amp,

    And two of these probably
    Last edited by captaincheesey; 09-23-06 at 10:53 PM.

  10. sinister audio

    Master of My Domain
    09-23-06 #20


    i just got a new baby for my HT. an RE SE15 in a 6cube box tuned to 25hz

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