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    Can I connect it like this?

    Started by audiocr381ve at 01-08-08, 03:45 PM

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    solacedagony's Home Setup

    Started by solacedagony at 03-14-08, 07:33 AM

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  2. Bwcad1

    Master of My Domain
    01-13-08 #2


    i need to start on mine
    [IMG][/IMG][URL=] [IMG][/IMG][/URL]


  3. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    01-13-08 #3


    Quote Originally Posted by Bwcad1
    i need to start on mine
    Yea I'm pumped to finish mine and hear them on some good movies.

  4. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    01-15-08 #4


    Box is complete minus finishing work. I'll probably get it powered up tomorrow.

    Webshots is updated with pics.

  5. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    01-16-08 #5


    Finished with the important stuff. Got it in my room.

    Crown XLS202 @ 8 ohms stereo giving 200W per 2 subs (100W/sub).

    Sounds like a sub should. There's actually low end, unlike the 6" sub that it replaced. I haven't gotten to crank it or try it with movies yet because the family is mostly sleeping now. I'll try it tomorrow after work.

  6. solacedagony

    Master of My Domain
    02-26-08 #6


    I replaced the eD EHQS's with DIYMA12's and I replaced the Crown XLS202 with a QSC RMX2450. The differences in this equipment swap are not something to be underestimated. The SPL and dynamics are something I've never experienced before. I feel a good beginning to a home theater...

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    2843324930087747380AVavXs th
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